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The Influence of Mass Media

The impact of mass media on upcoming generations has been documented by Harold Innes and Marshall McLuhan. Their study on medium theory highlights the dramatic changes that have occurred in media technologies over the last century. From print and analogue technologies to digital and participatory platforms, mass media has influenced society in the social, political and economic fields. Digital technologies are now integrated into our everyday lives. Since the introduction of the smart phone in 2007, the use of social networking sites has increased dramatically. 13% of Ireland’s population admit to looking at their phone more than 100 times a day against a European average of 8%. Instagram is now the fastest growing social media platform in Ireland with over 600,000 adults aged 15+ using the platform on a daily basis. We have witnessed a media revolution over the past decade, with endless possibilities for the participant. Everyday users are becoming influencers, who are paid for their promotions and presence. Self-promotion is carefully executed to present a curated version of the subject to the viewer. Self-portraits, now referred to as selfies, is a cultural phenomenon associated with this generation, carefully planned with instagrammable makeup, filters and poses reminiscent of art history compositions.


​Self-imaging: the concept of how one sees oneself. See Langlois, G. (2014). Meaning in the age of social media. New York, Palgrave Macmillan. for further reading.

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